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Working With Wedding Posthouse

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Chris Jesperson
"Wedding Posthouse not only gave me my time back, but also allowed me to stop wasting my creative energy on the mundane portions of the edit.

Being able to open a project and get straight into the creative work has massively improved the quality of our films."


"Brady and his team provide an incredibly fast and efficent service with personal communication throughout the entire process.

I'll certainly be coming back again and again."


"Wedding Posthouse saved me HOURS of my time.

I submit my wedding project and within 5 days, they return to me an entirely culled and organized wedding timeline, as well as my ceremony, first look, and toasts synced together."


"The service that Wedding Posthouse provides is invaluable. I've gained back hours of time that I can now use to focus on other creative aspects along with day-to-day business practices.

Hands down the best culling service for the price that I'll continue to use."


"If you're a wedding videographer and you're not using Wedding Posthouse you are losing money...

Easily my best investment for my wedding videography business."


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Fast Turnarounds

We complete projects in days, not weeks


Culling only projects starting from $350

Rehearsal Dinner
Culling Service
The Old Way
The New Way
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Outsourcing full edits is expensive
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Editing Still Required
You're still making edits for the final films
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Takes Weeks
Average turn around time is over a month
The New Way
The New Way
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Affordable Pricing
Culling projects starting at $350
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Keep Creative Control
By outsourcing only the tedious parts of edit
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Projects Back In Days
Quick turnaround for all your projects
The New Way To Outsource Your Backlog

Our commitment is to provide top-notch video editing services at competitive prices, without compromising on quality.

Our Pricing


Syncing all multicam video and audio.
Sorting through all footage and bringing all good takes into one timeline.
Chronological organization/labeling of footage.
8 business day turn around time on your edit.
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Includes cutting together ceremony camera angles, mastering audio, color correction, and LUT if provided.
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Syncing all multicam video and audio.
Sorting through all footage and bringing all good takes into one timeline.
Chronological organization/labeling of footage.
4 business day turn around time on your edit.
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Addition of rehearsal dinner syncing, sorting, and organization.
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Addition of other events such as tea ceremony, adventure session, welcome party, Sunday brunch, etc.
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Step 1

Upload Media to Dropbox or Google Drive

Or send a drive to our studio.

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Step 2

Answer Questions About The Wedding Day

See editing status and scheduled weddings in your customized dashboard.

Step 3

Receive Your Edits Back, Complete Within Days

With turn around times as fast as 4 days, you can get films out to your couples in less than a week!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

What does the culling service include?

Syncing all multicam video/audio
Culling through all media and placing all "good takes" into a timeline
Chronological organization and labeling of sorted timeline into each part of the day.

How do I get my footage to Wedding Posthouse?

We recommend uploading your footage via a Dropbox or Google drive link. You'll be prompted for that link when you fill out our questionnaire to start a project.

How long does it take to get my project back?

We offer a turn around time of 8 business days with options for an express 4 business day turn around and currently have slots open starting immediately!

How do I receive my project?

Once your project has been culled, you will receive a project file that you can open up and relink to your media.

Can you edit on any native software?

Yes! We offer our service on Premiere Pro, FCP X, and Davinci Resolve

Meet Brady

The face behind Wedding Posthouse.

Brady got his start in the wedding industry in 2013 filming weddings in Hawaii where he quickly developed a love for the wedding industry. Fast forward ten years, and he now runs a luxury, destination wedding cinematography team.

As travel started to create a busy schedule, he turned to find a company that could perform the brunt work of sorting, syncing, and culling through his footage without having to relinquish creative control with zero results.

He found that outsourced editors only available service was full wedding films edits and their availability was even worse... No availability for months and a couple weeks turnaround time at best. Noticing the need in the market, Brady decided to provide a service to fill it and Wedding Posthouse was born.

Brady Wedding Post House Founder Portrait

Life’s too short to stare at your computer all day

Outsourcing lets you grow your revenue by freeing time to work on, not in your business.

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